Enjoy the Water This Summer With These Fun Activities

Naples Beach Activities

Do you love the water? If you do and you are tired of basic water sports or just swimming at the beach, then maybe it is time you upped your game. Living in Florida, surrounded by beautiful beaches and reviews, provides you numerous water sports activities that you can try. Here are some that you should know about and can find in Southwest Florida close to home.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you love to paddle board, then this is the perfect way to up the intensity. This is a fun and relaxing sport, but it can be quite the workout. Not only are you rowing with the paddle, but you also need to balance on the board. There are classes you can take to get a better understanding of how to do this. It is a great activity to do with groups and explore the beach, lakes, and even canals in the area.

Wakeboarding and Wakeskating

Both these activities use a wakeboard, which most people are familiar with. The difference is that with wakeboarding you have a line attaching you to the board and with wakeskating you are free of this, presenting a higher level of difficulty. Also, most people who wakeskate ride the board much like they would if they were skate boarding.


This is a great alternative to people who are intimidated by water skiing. With this, you kneel down on a board, hold onto the handle and are pulled through the water. It is an exhilarating experience you don’t want to miss. When you feel confident with this, you can try out water skiing where you are standing with skis on your feet.


If you are looking  for something relaxing to enjoy in the water, then there is no better option than tubing. With this, you will just float along the water. This is a great group activity that is heightened when you bring along inflatable coolers with drinks and snacks for everyone.

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