Enjoy Your Summer in Naples

Naples Fishing

Naples is a gorgeous, upscale community in Southwest Florida. While Florida may be known for it’s sizzling temperatures, which can drive away some potential residents, the truth is that summer in Naples is absolutely perfect. Here are some of the reasons why:

There are More Activities Than Ever

Whether you love to fish, go out on your yacht, sit by the pool and sip margaritas or any other summer activity, Naples is perfect. Of course the beaches are beautiful and there are plenty of activities you can enjoy here from renting wave runners, to stand up paddle boarding, and more. No matter what activity you want to enjoy, you can find it in Naples in the summer.

The Water is Perfect

Due to the warmer weather earlier in the season than other parts of the country, but April or May at the latest the water in Naples is the perfect temperature for swimming. This means that you don’t have to freeze when you go to the beach. However, if you have a cage around the pool at your home, it may take just a little longer for the pool to warm up. If you have a pool heater, then this problem is solved though!

Fishing Season is In

For those who love to fish, summer is the best time to be in Naples. You will find great fishing both at the peer and docks as well as deep sea fishing. Just make sure you have a license and remember you need a special license for big fish like Marlin.

See the Beauty of Nature

If you are a nature water, then you can see more than just beautiful birds in the summer in Naples. You will also see sea turtles hatching and making their way to the water. Dolphins are also easier to spot in the summer.

Save Some Money

Many merchants run summer specials which means you can enjoy more activities for what you would pay to do them at other times of the year.

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