You Need Someone With An Excellent Reputation in Southwest Florida Real Estate

Naples, FL

John Sekely has earned a sterling reputation for providing unequaled value for his clients though the expert market knowledge he has gained over the years. John, who takes his position in the industry very seriously, is known for his high business ethics and personal integrity, is very customer centric with a focus on customer satisfaction. Clients can be assured of the highest level of satisfaction and the fact that John is more than willing to utilize his extensive personal and professional networks on their behalf.

Dealing With An Industry Expert

John is known for making things happen seamlessly and effectively. In fact, he was responsible for transacting one of first large volume real estate deals in South Florida, His remarkable record include generating activity in excess of $70 million in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Since that time period, these Florida locations have continued with unprecedented value increases, and high-end luxury development.

With all of his clients, it’s about his commitment and fiduciary responsibility to each client. Additionally, his passion is delivering on their ideal property needs, and fulfilling their needs and wants related to the transaction. His motivation with sellers is to help them  protect their investment, and with real estate buyers, he is committed to helping them build their real estate investment.

It’s critical that real estate agents stay current with all the updates in new or changing regulations, laws, contracts and best industry practices. The advantage to the buyer, or the seller is that once you retain your agent, they put that expertise and knowledge to work for you.

If you’re looking for unequaled value, service and a commitment to excellence in Southwest Florida real estate, look no further then John Sekely.

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